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Smoked Sausage are stuffed with the best quality selected Meat which are ground and
mix with natural seasoning which give different flavors upon the products.

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Cold Cut

20039 The products focus on design and produce with care, as to make the products in best appearance.
By bringing many kinds of food and mix together such as meat, vegetable, herbs, Cheese,
and Peas which bring varieties in choices and is attractiveness in consumption.

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Meat Loaf

20049 Sausage are done through process by chopping and mixing spices, stamp, then bake to ripen.
Till it gets delicious Meatloaf and also could add spices as to get good smell and beautiful color.

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Bacon & Ham

20081 Ham is produced from selected meat in finest adornment, seasoning pickle and added flavors
accordingly to each kind of before ripened meat, during the procedure as to add taste and
value to the products in many forms.

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Air Dry Sausage & Air Dry Ham


Meat are compounded through mixing process by spices and added pure ferment, which keep
in special control  room in proper temperature,  until products are dried and contain good taste
that are unique in each products.

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